Self Drive Entebbe – 4×4 car hire and Cheap Car Rental services in Entebbe

Are you planning to visit Entebbe or Uganda very soon but you are looking for an affordable, well maintained and serviced vehicles for hire? Self drive Entebbe is the best option for you. For the last couple of years that we have been in the car rental in Entebbe business, we have been able to serve thousands of clients and the feedback after they’ve returned our vehicles is what has driven us further to continue delivering the best to our esteemed customers.

When you rent a car from self drive Entebbe, you are assured of value for your money and a memorable trip while in Entebbe and Uganda as a whole. Whether its a business trip in around Entebbe,Kampala or in different towns in Uganda, we got you covered with our car rental Uganda fleet of cars from which you can select the best to suit your travel plans.

Our fleet of cars to rent in Entebbe include; 4×4 Toyota RAV4, 4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser TX/TZ, Safari vans, Toyota Land Cruiser extended, Saloon cars, Toyota land cruiser V8, GX, Nissan patrol, minibus among others. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime if you’re looking for a trusted rent a car Entebbe service provider.

Do you need to rent a car in Entebbe with a driver? Self drive Entebbe has the very disciplined, English speaking, professional and licensed drivers to take you to your preferred destination hassle free.Talk to us today and our reliable and stand by team of customer care will respond to you as soon as possible to take you through car hire Entebbe airport booking process.

Our services are not only limited to Entebbe or Uganda but we also provide cars for clients who’d like to travel to the neighboring countries of Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, DRC, Burundi, Zambia among other. We also offer overlanding Africa rentals where we will get you the right 4×4 car choice to take you around the continent where you will discover a lot that it does hold within in her boundaries.

Land cruiser hard top is among the perfect choices that we do have that will work for you. Fill our request form with your message and we’ll get back to you as early as possible. You can as well reach out to us directly on +256 704538374.

If you’re also seeking advice on which car to take to different destinations (remote or town), we will advise you accordingly.

Featured Cars For Hire From Self Drive Entebbe

Self Drive Entebbe - RAV4

4×4 Toyota RAV4 

Our 4×4 Toyota RAV4 is the most booked car preffered for its fuel consuption and comfort. It will be able to take you to your final destination hassle free. Book it today at $40 per day.

Self Drive Entebbe - Land Cruiser TX

4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser TX

Our Toyota Land Cruiser TX will take you to your preferred destination with ease and this car has enough for you and the luggage as well. Book it now at $6o per day.

Self Drive Entebbe -

Toyota Land Cruiser V8

Are you looking for a luxurious, comfortable car? We have a Land Cruiser V8 that’s perfect and will take you to your prefered destination with ease. Book it now at $80 per day.

self drive entebbe - Saloon cars

Saloon Cars

We have Saloon Cars that can be made available for individuals who’d prefer budget options and would want to spend their time in town. Book it from us at $25 per day.

Why Book a car With Self Drive Entebbe

24 hour Customer Service

We have a 24/7 roadside assistance service. From Monday to Sunday, 24 hours a day.

5 Star Vehicle Fleet

We have a large fleet of vehicles of which you can rent cheap cars, family, SUV, people carriers…

No Extra Charges

No extra charges on all rent a car Entebbe for self drive. So no nasty surprises when you collect your car!

4x4 Self Drive Entebbe Cars

Self Drive entebbe - safari van

Safari Van

There’s nothing as rewarding as traveling as a family or group in one car. We have reliable and comfortable Safari Vans that can accomodate up to 8 people without sacrifing comfort for anyone. Book it today for only $70 per day for self drive.

Self Drive entebbe - Land Cruiser Hardtop

Toyota Land Cruiser Hardtop

Enjoy the comfort that comes with hiring a Land Cruiser Hardtop in Uganda. This comes with a powerful engine that enabled it to navigate the rugged terrains with ease. Rent this spacious vehicle now at only $90 per day for self drive.

Self Drive entebbe - Safari Land Cruiser

Safari Land Cruiser 

Are you going for a safari in Uganda in a group of not more than 8 people? We have a perfect and reliable Safari Land Cruiser enough for you and your luggage. Book it today at $170 per day and it will be availed with a driver/guide.

Self Drive entebbe - nissan patrol

Nissan Patrol

Are you looking for a more comfortable 4×4 car for a safari or business trip in Uganda, our Nissan Patrol is one of the best car rental Uganda options available for you to hire. Rent it today at $80 per day on a self drive Entebbe and beyond

Self Drive Entebbe

How To Rent A Car For Self Drive Entebbe 

Are you planning on coming to Entebbe or Uganda for a safari and would want a perfect car for a self-drive Entebbe or with a driver? Self drive Entebbe has the best options for you to choose from. We have a wide range of cars available for you to rent from us.

Our fleet of cars include a 4×4 Toyota RAV4, saloon cars, 4×4 Toyota land cruiser TX,TZ, mini bus, safari vans, sa fari land cruiser extended, super custom, Toyota land cruiser V8/VX, among others.

There a number of ways you can rent a car from self drive Entebbe and one them is filling the contact form and it will come direct to our email box where upon receiving it, we’ll get back to you shortly to process your booking.

You can as well contact us directly through our official line that’s always available 24/7 +256 704538374 either on WhatsApp or calling directly and we’ll be glad to serve you with our well serviced and maintained cars.

We have a large fleet of cars available at our offices for you to inspect and choose from. Our office is located along Masaka Rd on Makanga mall right after the Kabuusu traffic lights. Our office is open from 9am to 6pm on weekdays and 9am to 5pm on a Saturday and public holidays.

Whether you are looking for a self-drive Entebbe or car rental Entebbe with a driver, self drive Entebbe assures you that you will get the perfect option for you and your loved ones.

Don’t hesitate to book from us whether you are coming to Uganda for a business trip or safari on both short and long term car hire

Car rental Entebbe with a driver

Self drive Entebbe understands that you need company and someone who’s well versed with the road network in Uganda thus arranging you a guide/driver who’ll be with during your stay in Uganda.

Our drivers are well trained, disciplined and licensed to take you to any preferred destination within Uganda with ease and if you want them to stop at a given, you will be assured of a memorable safari. They are well versed with information about most parts of the country including national parks.

Are you coming to Entebbe or Uganda for a business trip and want a professional driver to take you through your trip, Self Drive Entebbe has got you covered at pocket friendly rates. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the car, sit back and relax and let our driver/guide do it just for you.

At Self Drive Entebbe, we have a large fleet of cars that you choose from that range from 4×4 Toyota Rav4, Toyota land cruiser TX, TZ, Super custom, Safari Van, Land Cruiser V8, VX, Saloon Cars, Mini Bus among others.

Whether you are looking for a car hire in Entebbe with a driver or Self Drive Entebbe, we will have it availed to you at pocket friendly rates. The cost of Self Drive Entebbe varies with the car type you prefer to book from us. Saloon cars are the least expensive with each going for $30 per day. Go ahead your preferred car choice from us.

Are you planning for a safari or business trip in Uganda and probably still stuck when it comes to how you will move while in the country, reach out to us today directly on +256 704538374 or visit our offices on Makanga Mall, Nalukolongo, Masaka RD.

Fill in the Form below to reserve a vehicle with us

    Special Monthly Car Rental Rates for Students

    Self Drive Entebbe proudly provides affordable monthly car rental Entebbe for college & university students who are coming to Entebbe or Uganda for internships. For parents, we understand that you have plenty to worry about and your child’s safety and mobility shouldn’t be one of them.

    For students, a long term monthly car rental Entebbe means having reliable wheels at your disposal, making your stay in Entebbe or Uganda more productive and enjoyable.

    Not to mention that weekends in Uganda have a whole new feel with a number of places to visit like the source of the Nile river in Jinja, bungee jumping, white water rafting and more other activities to participate in.

    Best and reliable fleet of self drive Entebbe cars to choose from

    At Self Drive Entebbe, we have a reliable fleet of cars you can choose from if you are visiting the country for an internship. These include small compact vehicles like saloon cars and 4×4 cars perfect to navigate the different terrains in various parts of Uganda.

    Self Drive Entebbe Car rental Extras

    Self Drive Entebbe - Airport transfers

    Airport Transfer

    At Self Drive Entebbe, we also arrange free airport transfers  for travelers who are either coming into the country or leaving using Entebbe International airport. We have disciplined drivers who will take you to and fro your preferred destination hassle free and make sure you get there on time. Talk to us for that free airport transfer.

    Self Drive Enntebbe-With Camping Gear

    Car Rental Entebbe With Camping Gear 

    Do you wish to come to Uganda for a safari and probably would like to do camping as well, Self Drive Entebbe has all the camping equipment like tents, utensils, BBQ grill, cooking gas, sleeping bags and more. Contact us today to book a car of your choice with camping gear at very unbeatable rates.

    Uganda Safaris

    Our services at Self Drive Entebbe are not only limited to Car rental services but we also arrange safaris to Uganda’s leading destinations where you will get to see so much thats within her boundaries like mountain gorillas, tree climbing lions and so much. We also arrange safaris out of Uganda like to Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. Talk to us today.

    Best Group Car Rental Offer

    4x4 Safari Van

    Safari Van

    Rent this safari van today for only $90 per day with a driver and get to travel to any destination in the country with ease. This has enough seats to take upto 8 without sacrificing space for everyone.

    Traveling as a family is known to strengthen your bond more and as Self Drive Entebbe we have the perfect fleet of vehicles you can select from for the best on and off road experience. We have a Safari Van that can take up to 8 people without sacrificing comfort for anyone and still have enough space for luggage. Rent this car today.

    Solo car rental Entebbe

    We recognise that every journey is different, which is why we provide a vast selection of vehicles for even travelers who are visiting Entebbe or Uganda on a Solo.

    We have great deals on solo car rental Entebbe and a reliable fleet of cars you can choose. Some of the cars you can choose while on a solo include a RAV4, Land Cruiser V8, Land Cruiser TX/TZ, Saloon cars and so much more.

    Uganda was recently ranked among top destinations anyone can visit and this is attributed to the fact that the country has a lot to offer and found within her boundaries. All this can be discovered on a solo trip.

    Some of the places you can visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – known to be home to half of the world’s population of mountain gorillas. The experience is memorable and a once in a lifetime opportunity anyone needs to experience.

    You can as well visit Queen Elizabeth National Park which is among the most visited areas in Uganda to see the tree climbing lions that can be seen in the Ishasha sector of the park within the park, you can as well head out to the Kazinga channel for a boat cruise that will introduce you to wildlife species like the hippos, crocodiles and other wildlife species on the shores.

    Other places you can visit include a Murchison Falls National Park popularly known to be home to the world’s most powerful waterfal, Lake Mburo National Park and more other destinations.

    Self Drive Entebbe - solo car rental Entebbe

    Road Regulations in Entebbe, Uganda

    Road regulations

    • Drive on the left side of the road and only overtake from the right side of the road when its safe.
    •  You cannot drink and drive.
    • Don’t wear headphones connected to receiving or broadcasting devices.

    Speed Limits!

    • 1. Highways: 100 km/hr.
    • 2. Entebbe Expressway: 100 km/hr.
    • 3. Urban roads: 50 km/hr.
    • 4. urban roads and tracks:50km/hr.

    Parking Information

    Long story short, car parking in Entebbe and Uganda is a challenge: in most city centers on-street parking is usually paid and controlled. You are not allowed to illegally park in an area as this may lead to a penalty.

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