For the last couple of years that Self Drive Entebbe has been around, we have been able to serve a number of clients and their experience with our cars is what makes their trips in Entebbe and Uganda as a whole memorable and you can check out our TripAdvisor to see what they are saying about us. We have a wide range of cars for you to choose from ranging from budget to luxury. Our fleets of cars include: 4×4 Toyota RAV4, 4X4 Toyota Land Cruiser TX, TZ, Nissan Patrol, Safari Vans, Land Cruiser GX, Safari Land Cruiser Extended, Saloon Cars, Minibuses, Land Cruiser V8, VX among others.

Our cars are well serviced and well maintained to give a hassle-free safari or trip within Entebbe or Uganda. We have been able to stand out from the masses because of the value, discipline and affordability of our cars therefore don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re looking for a perfect car for your safari or trip.

You can choose from:

4×4 Toyota RAV4

Our small SUV is the best choice for individuals who’d prefer a comfortable car tat does consume less fuel. We have 3 door and 5 door Rav4s and we will be able to avail one or two depending on the type you prefer. This 4×4 Toyota RAV4 can fill up to 5 passengers. You can rent this car from us on either a self-drive basis or wit a driver. You can rent this spacious car from us at $40 per day.  

4×4 Toyota Land cruiser TZ, TX

Are you looking for a car to take you for a safari or a business trip within in Entebbe or Uganda as a whole? At self drive Entebbe we do arrange that for you at pocket friendly prices. Our 4×4 Toyota land cruiser TX, TZ will take you to your preferred location hassle free. Our land cruisers can take up to 7 people with enough space to cater for your luggage. Are you looking forward to renting a car in Entebbe with a driver or self-drive Entebbe option which allows you to go behind the wheel and take yourself to your preferred destination with ease. Reach out to us and we’ll avail you this car at only $80 per day.

Safari Vans

Our safari vans that are well serviced and maintained to give you a memorable safari while in Entebbe and Uganda as whole are the perfection option for group safaris and accommodates up to 9 people and can take you to any destination in Uganda like national parks without encountering any challenge. Rent a safari van from self drive Entebbe with a driver and we’ll make it available for you at $80 per day.

Land Cruiser HardTop

At self drive Entebbe we have a number of affordable options for you to choose from that is if you’re planning on visiting Entebbe or Uganda and in need of car that will perfectly work for you. Our safari land cruiser hardtop is the best car to go with if you’re planning to visit remote and hard to reach areas in Entebbe and Uganda as well. This car is comfortable and you can rent it from self drive Entebbe today by reaching out to us any time any day at $90 per day.

Toyota Land Cruiser V8

If you want extra comfortable and a luxurious car to take you on your next trip in Entebbe or Uganda, our Toyota land cruiser V8 will absolutely work for you. Our land cruiser V8 comes with everything perfectly working well like Bluetooth enabled speakers, functioning air conditioner among others. Go ahead and rent this spacious car from us and we’ll avail you this car at only $90 per day.  

Saloon Cars

We have budget cars also available for our clients who’d prefer cheaper options. Our budget cars include: Toyota premios, Toyota Raum, Spacio, Toyota Mark X among others. You can rent saloon cars from self drive Entebbe today with either a driver or we’ll allow you to go and explore Entebbe and Uganda on your own while you’re behind the wheel. Our saloon cars are available at our offices for inspection. You can as well book the car directly reaching us on +256 704538374 and rent the car at only $30 per day.

4×4 Safari Land Cruiser

If you want to enjoy Entebbe and Uganda to the fullest, then this is the perfect self-drive Entebbe option you can choose. This car can accommodate up to 8 people with the luggage inclusive and while in it, you can travel to any destination within Uganda and beyond in East Africa and more. Our safari land cruiser comes with everything working perfectly well that is air conditioner, Bluetooth enabled speakers and more. Go ahead and book this car at $120 per day and we’ll be glad to make it available for you. When you book this car on a long-term basis, you immediately qualify for our daily $5 discount on all cars. Don’t hesitate contacting us anytime.

Other cars you can rent from us include the 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser GX, Double cabins, Range rovers, Mini Vans, Buses among others. Are you thinking of visiting Entebbe or Uganda and looking for an affordable self-drive Entebbe service provider, we assure you quality, affordability, professionalism and value for your money once you choose to hire from us.