Self drive Entebbe with Camping Gear- Cost and How to book

Are you going for self drive Entebbe and would prefer having camping gear made available for you at affordable amount? Self drive Entebbe is the perfect company to give you all the equipment you need and on time.

Look forward to having all the essential camping gear needed for your safari and stay while in Uganda or East Africa as well when you book from self drive Entebbe. The items include utensils, sleeping bags, safari tents, lamp/ torch, small mattresses, cooking gas, flap chairs, table, lighters among other essential products.  There various places gazetted for you to camp in and they have been found to be safe for you. These including areas in national parks etc. Other items not listed above but would be essesntial for you to use while camping, kindly reach us and we will make them available for you.

Whether you are coming as an individual, couple or a group, we assure you that we will provide you enough materials you will need on your safari. You can as well choose to rent a car from us with camping gear. Our cars are well serviced and maintained giving you all the confidence you need while on the road. Our car rental in Entebbe with camping gear will cost you only $50 per day.

Call us today directly on +256 704538374 or fill our form here and you will be reached out shortly.