Hire a car on short term car rental Entebbe if you are planning to visit this prestigious for short time. Whether you are on a business trip or Uganda safari, we assure you that as Self Drive Entebbe we have the right, reliable and perfect fleet of cars you can choose from. Our cars are well maintained and serviced to give you the rewarding and memorable experience you need.

Our rent a car Entebbe fleet of cars include a Land Cruiser GX, Toyota RAV4, Land Cruiser TX/TZ, saloon cars, Land Cruiser V8, Safari van among others that you can rent on short term car rental Entebbe.

These include both 4×4 vehicles and small compact vehicles for those who would prefer to spend their time on road.

The beauty about car rental Uganda or Entebbe from us is we deliver vehicles to your location and pick it from any preferred location of your choice within Entebbe and Uganda as well at no extra.

Whether you are visiting Entebbe on solo safari or group safari, we have a car for every need. Book online or visit our office to have a look at our fleet of cars that you can rent either on a self drive or guided safari.

Whether it’s a budget car rental Entebbe or luxury, there various places in Uganda you can visit and get that much needed rewarding experience you have always wanted.

These include the most visited and popular national parks where you can see various wildlife species, mountains, lakes, rivers, iconic physical features, cultural tours and so much more.

Some of the places you can visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – known to be the best destination where you can see mountain gorillas in Uganda as they play and feed. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see these species and we will help you book your gorilla permits at no extra cost.

Another place you can visit in while on a short term car rental Entebbe is Queen Elizabeth National Park known to be home to the tree climbing lions. These developed such a skill to escape insect bites and also have a clear view their prey as it does roam in the national park.

To have a complete rewarding experience, you will need to visit Murchison Falls National Park to have a close look at the world’s most powerful waterfall – Murchison Falls which was formed as a result of the Nile River forcing its way through a narrow gorge thus a thunderous sound that can be heard.

Other places you can visit in Uganda include the source of Nile in Jinja, Kibale Forest National Park, Mgahinga National Park, Lake Mburo National Park, the Uganda museum and more others.

Short term car rental Entebbe - short term

Cost of short term car rental in Entebbe

The cost of rent car Entebbe on a short term basis is majorly determined by a few factors and these do include the number of days you are to car hire Entebbe, the type of car you would prefer to rent and the number of people. Have out these into consideration, you will get to know the cost of car hire Entebbe.

The beauty of renting a car from us is that our rent a car Entebbe cost comes with unlimited mileage which implies that we don’t limit you on when and where you need to stop. We give you the freedom to explore Entebbe and Uganda as well at your own pace.

What is the cheapest car rental in Entebbe?

Our fleet of short term car rental Entebbe does include cheap and affordable cars but if you want the cheapest car to rent in Entebbe then our saloon cars availed at $30 per day and a Toyota RAV4 availed at $40 per day are the cheapest you can look at.

What do you need to rent a car in Entebbe?

Like any other country, to rent a car in Uganda you will need to share with us a valid copy of your driving permit, a valid copy of your passport especially for travelers going on a self drive for easy identification on the road and off road. You will also need to be aged between 25-65 years.

Whether you want car hire Uganda airport, airport transfers, car rental Uganda with camping gear or more – worry not because we will be able to provide that at very affordable and pocket friendly rates.