Looking for best one way car rental Entebbe offers, we guarantee you that we have so far the best reliable fleet of car hire Entebbe to choose from for either budget or luxury travelers.

One way car rental Entebbe means that you get to car hire Entebbe from Entebbe or any point of your choice and drop it at a different destination. For example, you can rent a car with your starting point being Entebbe International Airport and your ending point being Kigali International Airport.

Whether it’s a business trip or safari experience, our fleet of one way car rental Entebbe that includes small compact vehicles and 4×4 vehicles like Land Cruiser V8, Land Cruiser TX/TZ, RAV4, saloon cars, safari vans, Land Cruiser GX, Safari Land Cruiser and more will give you a hassle free experience both on and off road.

The beauty about our one way car rental Entebbe is that we have extra or hidden fees you can worry about.

One way Car rental Entebbe prices

The cost of car rental Uganda or Entebbe is majorly determined by the choice of car you choose to rent in Entebbe, the number of days and the number of people. If you are on a long term car rental Entebbe, the cost of hiring a car is likely to be lower because once you book for more days, we give you a discount on any car you choose to rent.

The type of car also determines the cost of one way car rental Entebbe. If you are hiring a small compact vehicle, the cost is likely to be lower unlike for someone renting a 4×4 vehicle or a bigger SUV.

If you are coming on a group safaris and would prefer a vehicle that does accommodate you all without sacrificing comfort for everyone, then look no further because we have the right vehicle for you.

If you are on a solo trip, the cost of car rental is likely to be less compared to traveling in a group. This is attributed to the fact that you will need to hire a car that does accommodate all the group.

What do I need to rent a car in Entebbe?

To rent a car in Entebbe, you will need to provide us with a valid copy of your driving license, a valid copy of your passport for identification purposes and a 40% deposit of the final car hire Entebbe fee.

Upon receiving these, we will take you through the booking process and make sure your desired car is reserved and availed to you upon your arrival in the country.

What are the cheap one way car rental Entebbe Options?

Are you tight on budget and would prefer cheap one way car rental Entebbe options, we have a long fleet of cheap car hire Uganda or Entebbe vehicles you can select from. These are well serviced and maintained regularly to give you the best on and off road experience.

These do include; saloon cars, RAV4s, Land Cruiser TX/TZ among others.

What’s the lowest age to rent a car in Entebbe?

Like any other country, to rent a car Entebbe, you need to have met a certain age and this is 25 years. If you plan to rent a car in Entebbe and you are aged between 21-25 years, you will need to pay an extra charge on car rental.

Go ahead and rent a car with us whether you are coming to the “Pearl of Africa” for honey moon or any other activity. We have discounted rates for students who are visiting the country for internships in the different sectors and areas of study. Talk to us any day, anytime and we will reserve that car of your choice at discounted rates