Car Rental Tips- 4×4 Car Hire, Self drive & Uganda

Uganda is arguably the best place to visit while planning for a safari in Africa and you can fully explore so much in her boundaries when you rent a car in Entebbe. The country situated in the east of Africa has a number of places that you can visit to see the major wildlife species, physical features, culture among others. But while you plan a car rental to take you there, Self Drive Entebbe did curate tips you can follow before you go ahead and book any car of your choice.

These tips have been revised and designed to ensure your safety while on the road. Whether you book a car with a driver or on a self drive these tips will be helpful.

Choose a trusted car rental company

This is the first thing anyone can consider before renting a car from any company you need to consider to avoid being a victim of fraud. One way you can confirm whether the company is trustworthy, is by visiting their trip advisor section and read the reviews from previous clients. Once you google as well, you will be able to see the businesses past reviews and the locations as well. Upon verifying the information, you can go ahead and process the booking.

Select your preferred car type

The next step is to select the type of car you would to go on a safari or business trip with. Before you do so, you have to put into consideration your budget, places you will be visiting and the road network that will lead you there. Car rental companies charge you according to the comfort of the car. For example, a 4×4 Toyota land cruiser TX/TZ won’t be of the same price as saloon cars. Also, if you are going to spend most of your time in towns like Kampala, Entebbe among others, a saloon car will perfectly work for you.

While renting a car, also consider the number of people it can accommodate with cars like a safari van, minibus, safari land cruiser among other taking above 5 people and their cost varies with those that take up lesser people.

Your destination also matters while selecting a preferred car choice. There cars best suitable to take you to any place whether remote or not in Uganda and others can only take you through towns. Car rental options available and can take you to any part of Uganda include a 4×4 Toyota land cruiser TX,TZ, Toyota safari land cruiser, Toyota Land cruiser v8, 4×4 Toyota RAV4 among others.

The price of the car

When looking for a car, its important to note the price of the car you’re going to rent so that you stay within your budget. The price of the car varies with strength and comfortability. Saloon cars are one of the budget cars available for hire with majority of the companies availing them at only $25 per day. Other cars like a 4×4 Toyota RAV4, Toyota Land cruiser TX, TZ, Nissan patrol among others their cost for differs because of how comfortable they’re.

 Driving In Uganda

Before you hitting the road for a business trip or safari in Uganda, you need to know the rules and one of them is driving on the right side of the road. If you are not well versed with the road network in Uganda, its always advisable to rent a car with a driver to take you around and help you reach your final destination with ease. Its also important to care about other pedestrians while driving on the road and also respect the road signs.

Drive age restrictions

Whereas some car rental companies in some countries do avail cars to individuals aged below 18 years, in Uganda its different, some companies do provide cars starting at the age of 20 years and others offer a car to anyone above 25 years

Requirements for car rental Entebbe

Are you thinking of a Self Drive in Entebbe, there key important requirements that you have to present in order to have that car of your choice availed to you and among them includes a valid passport, valid driving permit, GPS, self drive contract, driver licence among others.  

Check the car thoroughly

Before you head to your destination, you need to check the car, notice scratches, bent region and make the company aware of them. You can also other items like the radio, lights among others.

Carry your belongings

Is your trip or safari complete, don’t forget to carry everything that belongs to you from the car like clothes, phone, chargers, camera among other items. This is done to ensure there’s no misplacement of the items and your safety as a person.

Others include: – Make sure you do have the phone number of the car rental company’s point of contact person just in case you get issues during your trip or safari.

Read the company’s travel policy to know what they will cover and what won’t be covered just in case of an accident or wreck.

Find out the car rental mileage. Before setting off you have to confirm that the car you are to take is on unlimited mileage