Unique Places To Visit In Entebbe – Uganda safaris

Entebbe is a richly blessed town with so much to offer to each and everyone who visits this particular town. Whether you are in Uganda for a business trip or on a safari, you will be stunned by what you will find in this strategically located town. Entebbe is surrounded by one of the largest water bodies in Africa – Lake Victoria-, forests, wetlands, different species of plants and animals that have kept the town a place welcome for everyone. Entebbe gets its name from ‘’Ntebe’’ which translates to a seat. Before the colonial government came into Uganda, Entebbe used to be Buganda’s cultural site and was occupied by the mamba clan and was also referred to as Entebbe ya Mugalura. After colonialists arriving into the country under the leadership of Sir Gerald Portal chose Entebbe town and made it their administrative town which gave birth to administrative buildings in the town. Once Uganda gained her independence in 1962, the building were abandoned and today they are occupied by the different offices. The town also hosts the main state house of the country.

These Places to visit in Entebbe are well gazetted and protected to give you a rewarding experience while in this famous town.


Your safari in Entebbe is incomplete if you don’t get a chance to go visit the beaches that are situated within the boundaries of this prestigious town. These beaches attract a big number of citizens especially on the weekends who come from different parts of the country simply to have fun. These beaches include Aero beach, white sands beach, pearl beach Entebbe and more.

Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary

Are you looking forward to visiting Uganda to see man’s closest – chimpanzees – without going to national parks, then Ngamba island chimpanzee sanctuary is the perfection option for you. The sanctuary is home to orphanaged species of chimpanzees and give them a family to belong to. Seeing these species is absolutely satisfying and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Botanical gardens

This is a real heaven on earth and is attributed to the noise free surrounding.  If you want to escape the noise in town and have a place, where you will sit back and relax, definitely tis is the best place to visit. Tere various tree species you, species of birds and et to enjoy sights and sounds. While here you will be able to enjoy scenic views of Lake Victoria and more.

Lake Victoria

Entebbe and Uganda are richly blessed with natural resources and among them is one of the largest fresh water lakes in Africa and that’s Lake Victoria. While here you can go for a boat ride, sport fishing and more. Sailing on this lake will reward you with an experihe unence like no other especially during evening boat cruise where you can spot the beauty of sunsets.

Mabamba swamp

This is yet another place within Entebbe that you can visit. This one is known to be home to the elusive shoebill stock which can be seen while on a boat canoe in the wetland. The shoebill stock is a unique creature and you can easily see it in the morning hours but still during day you can as well spot it. It can stand still for over an hour and once it notices a moving frog or mud fish, it will easily capture it.

Uganda wildlife education centre

This is yet another most visited place situated within the boundaries of Entebbe. This place is most visited by students, researchers and individuals who’d like to learn so much about wildlife. Even tourists who’d prefer not to o visit national parks for species that can be seen in Entebbe are always here. Animals you can look forward to seeing include different species of snakes, chimpanzees, giraffes, birds, cheetahs, topis, impalas, zebras, elands, hogs, giraffes, Uganda kobs among other animals.

Uganda wildlife education centre is not only for wildlife place but also a place where individuals who are interested in botany, go to discover different plant species.

Equator sign

Did you know in Uganda there is another equator sign besides the two popular ones in Kayabwe and Kasese? Thats right there’s a third equator line situated on the island of Lwaji on Lake Victoria. Being on the equator sign allows you to be in two distinct hemispheres of the south and north at the same time.

Reptile village

Are you looking for a perfect spot in Uganda where you can see incredible species of reptiles? The reptile village situated in Entebbe is the perfect place. Reptile species brought here are the ones that may have been injured or have no place to be taken.  Species you can look forward to seeing here include: snakes, crocodiles, tortoise, chameleons, lizards, turtles among others. Some of these species are rescued from either area where people reside or from where their lives are threatened.

Entebbe international airport

While in Entebbe you can’t afford to miss a chance to visit Uganda’s only international airport that’s situated in Entebbe town. This airport is located close to the shores of Lake Victoria and close to the United Nations airbase. While here you will get to see different airliners as they depart and arrive at Entebbe international airport.

Uganda Virus Research Institute

This is one of the places that hold a strong value to the country. Uganda Virus Research Institute conducts thorough investigations and testing samples of what may have been suspected to be an epidemic. The institute has so far been very important during the testing COVID-19 and Ebola virus.

State house Entebbe

Currently, Uganda has about two state houses that is; one in Nakasero and the main one being in Entebbe. State house is where Uganda’s president resides. Touring the state house is usually by invite but still you can walk by on side walks and get to see the beautiful gardens and the structure as well. On a lucky you will be able to spot the presidential convoy either leaving or entering the state house.

Entebbe golf club

Are you a golf fan and prefer some level of privacy while on the course? Entebbe golf club is the best place to go for the spot. The course is green throughout the year due to closeness to Lake Victoria and to participate here you need to pay a given amount of money and you will be able to play this exciting spot.

We can’t exhaust the places to visit in entebbe but you can as well check out the Ssese island, visit local markets within the town, Entebbe craft village, Nkumba university, Zika forest, Kitubulu forest and beach.

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